It is a big undertaking to add a traditional fireplace to an existing home, new gas log systems have been developed to allow fireplaces to be created easily, create more efficient heat and without the soot created when burning wood. 

Gas logs are detailed by hand to precisely mimic the characteristic look of real wood. Empire has created a nice high stack with this set that will really fill out your fireplace. Available ANSI-Certified Slope Glaze Burner has a special glaze coating that varies the flow of gas that creates a very realistic dancing flame. The controls on this burner are nicely concealed to maintain a natural look.

An ember bed and glowing embers are very helpful in creating the most natural-looking gas log set, and we offer both. Our Ember Bed Kit lays down a rugged base of rocks, ash, and ceramic log chips. Adding Platinum Embers to the heart of the fire will give it that steady glow.  Glaze

ANSI Certified for safety

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